Hepatic Tablets, 30 tablets | Synergistic blend of ingredients for liver support

Plant-based formula which helps maintain your pet's liver health, promote normal liver function and support your pet's normal detoxification processes. Complementary feed for dogs and cats.

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Vyvážené zloženie - Helps support the maintenance of optimal liver function.

Nutritional supplement for optimal liver health

The liver is one of the largest organs on the body and is responsible for several vital processes. Throughout a pet’s life, the liver can be impacted by several factors (toxins, medications, infections, stress). Also, old age, genetics and diet can cause increased wear of the liver and impair its ability to perform.

Hepatic Tablets are made of combination of plants with sorbitol, methionine and choline. The liver is the only organ capable of regenerating itself. The plants act in symbiosis and help stimulate an in-depth cleansing action of the liver.

Selected ingredients for liver support

MILK THISTLE - A natural source of silymarin, a powerful antioxidant known for its hepatoprotective properties. It helps to improve liver function, protects the liver cells, supports formation and regeneration of liver cells.

ARTICHOKE & BLACK RADISH - Known for their choleretic and detoxifying properties: they help drain the liver by stimulating the bile secretion and elimination, thus leading to better elimination of toxins.

GOLDENROD & ASPARAGUS ROOT - Added due to their diuretic (stimulating urine production) and renal cleansing properties.

SORBITOL - Used to activate the gallbladder and increase the speed of intestinal transit.

CHOLINE - A vitamin that plays an essential role in fat metabolism in the liver and prevention of abnormal liver fat accumulation.

METHIONINE - An amino acid that also helps the removal and detoxification of excess fat from the pet's liver.

Recommended use and instructions

DOGS: 1 tablet/10 kg body weight/day.

CATS: ½ tablet/day.

Give Hepatic Tablets during a period of 5-7 days. It can be given directly in the mouth of the animal or concealed in the food. Repeat the use 4-6 times/year, especially after parturition and change of food. It is recommended to do a hepatic and renal drainage after each deworming, significant veterinary treatment, etc. Suitable for use during gestation, lactation and for very young animals. For animal use only!

DISCLAIMER: This product is based on plants. Different animals may react differently to natural substances in these plants. The claims listed in this product description are based on general information about the mentioned plants. This product should not be classified as a medicine. If you have other questions regarding your pet’s health, we recommend that you contact your veterinary.

Nutričné informácie

Per tablet: Vitamins: 3a890 Choline (chloride) 60 mg. Amino acids: 3c301 DL-methionine 60 mg. Flavourings: artichoke 0.67%, goldenrod 0.45%, hops 0.23%, milk thistle 0.23%.

Per tablet: sorbitol (60 mg), asparagus root, black radish, couch grass, chicory, fumitory, butcher's broom, bearberry, boxwood, Canada fleabane, soapwort, birch, heather, mouse-ear hawkweed, blackcurrant, European ash, spiny restharrow.

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